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Ready Meals vs Cooking Yourself From Scratch

Added 1732 days ago. 09 May 2018

Cooking from scratch is enjoyable for some, good for the soul, as well as the tummy. However, you might be looking for a more convenient option without the need to shop, chop or wash up each time.

It is often more convenient to consider a meal delivery service, with a wide choice of tasty frozen ready meals, delivered direct to your door.

We’ve been summing up the benefits of ready meals versus cooking from scratch, so you can find a balance that’s right for you.


Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or ready to shop with your detailed list of ingredients, you will need to navigate those grocery isles with precision – collecting everything from shallots and salmon, to vanilla extract and custard – to whip up a tasty meal and delicious pudding this evening!

When cooking from scratch, making time to research and plan your kitchen necessities are key to a smooth cooking experience. Before you pop on your apron, make sure your fridge is stocked, so you can master your culinary creation without a hitch.

Ready meals on the other hand eliminate this part of the process; there is no need to make time for a food shop when you can order a selection of tasty frozen ready meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods, direct to your door.


Your culinary skills may be limited, or you may simply prefer the convenience of great food, prepared for you by expert chefs. Enjoying a variety of dishes packed full of quality ingredients without the need to dig out that dusty cook book is what make ready meals so appealing.

If for example you love delicious fish dishes, you don’t have to hang around the fish counter weighing up your options. You could simply explore our range of ready meals for a taste of the sea. All made with 100% sustainably sourced fish. 


When cooking from scratch, it can be tricky to cater for individual dietary requirements and you will need to take extra care when shopping for what goes into the meals you are preparing.
The team here at Wiltshire Farm Foods are committed to creating delicious dishes, whatever your appetite and dietary needs may be. With a wide selection of vegetarian options, over 150 Gluten-free meals and a range of dishes that are Free From Gluten, Celery, Sesame, Peanuts, Sulphites, Nuts, Lupin, Fish, Crustacean, Egg, Mollusc, Milk* (and all products produced or derived from milk), we know our food looks good, tastes great and meets a wide range of dietary needs.
It’s really important to know your food. So, it’s reassuring to know our meals contain none of the following:
✗ Artificial Flavours 
✗ Artificial Colours 
✗ HVOs (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils) 
✗ GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).


It takes a lot of concentration and organisation to prepare a meal from scratch, from preparing the ingredients, to scheduling cooking times and cleaning up pots and pans in the process.
The benefit of choosing a ready meal often boils down to saving you time. If the cooking process is daunting for you, leave the preparation and delivery of your meal with our expert team - you’re in safe hands. 


We’re passionate about the dishes we deliver and making sure you’re satisfied every time - so much so that if our food doesn’t hit the spot, we’ll replace it absolutely free
With a wide range of meals available, cooked by award winning chefs, a ready meal from Wiltshire Farm Foods is a tasty option you can depend on.
Why not try a ready meal and compare?
We firmly believe that good food can put a spring in your step and a smile on your face so go on, dig in, and see what you fancy.
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