Added 13 days ago. 13/05/2019

Do you remember the days when a trip to the seaside wasn’t complete without a generous helping of fish & chips? This tasty combo always takes us back to childhood holidays at the seaside and looking forward to fish Friday. Read more

5 Benefits of having a pet

Added 17 days ago. 09/05/2019

Whether your companion is furry, scaly or a friend with feathers, keeping a pet enriches your life in more ways than you realise. Discover these five proven ways your pet is in fact caring for you…Read more

Our Interview With Toyah Willcox

Added 17 days ago. 09/05/2019

Toyah Willcox describes herself as a rebellious child - which isn’t surprising when you think of the bright-haired punk icon we know today. In the 1970’s, when gender still demanded certain expectations, a young Toyah sought her freedom through music.Read more

In The Garden

Added 17 days ago. 09/05/2019

5 tips for a spring awakening! - Spring is finally here, with milder weather and a little sunshine helping us all get back into the garden. There’s nothing quite like a splash of colour and some spring air to help us all feel a little brighter! Re-awaken your garden in just 5 simple steps:Read more

Puréed Ready Meals: For Dysphagia and Swallowing Difficulties

Added 17 days ago. 09/05/2019

Those with swallowing or chewing difficulties may be required to eat puréed meals, providing food which has a consistent texture and is safe to eat. Read more
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