Added 50 days ago. 03/06/2019

We are giving away a FREE* box of 5 Chocolate Èclairs when you order our Summer Menu Pack. Treat yourself - go on, it's Summer!Read more

We've won an award for Social Enterprise

Added 15 days ago. 08/07/2019

We’re so excited to announce Wiltshire Farm Foods has been awarded the BFA Social Enterprise award.Read more

Changes to TV licence charges: Everything you need to know

Added 33 days ago. 20/06/2019

There has been a lot of talk over the last week of changes to the TV licence charge.

We’ve put together a brief summary with everything you need to know about these changes and how it might affect you.Read more


Added 42 days ago. 11/06/2019

We're giving away a Summer Menu pack with 7 tasty meals and 4 delicious desserts - the perfect way to enjoy the summer sunshine!Read more

Are Frozen Ready Meals Value For Money?

Added 56 days ago. 28/05/2019

To decide whether or not frozen ready meals are value for money, we should focus on the values and benefits behind the meals we choose, including its quality, cost and sustainability.Read more


Added 71 days ago. 13/05/2019

Do you remember the days when a trip to the seaside wasn’t complete without a generous helping of fish & chips? This tasty combo always takes us back to childhood holidays at the seaside and looking forward to fish Friday. Read more
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