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Ready Meals vs Cooking Yourself From Scratch

Added 16 days ago. 09/05/2018

Cooking from scratch is enjoyable for some, good for the soul, as well as the tummy. However, you might be looking for a more convenient option without the need to shop, chop or wash up each time.Read more

The New Classics

Added 30 days ago. 25/04/2018

Our chefs have been working hard to improve many of our best-selling meals – the result is an even better menu selection.

Find out more about our improved dishes.Read more

Big Day Out

Added 30 days ago. 25/04/2018

For driver Emma Sime, the chance to appear in Wiltshire Farm Foods’ new television advertisement led to a wonderful day out!

“Being a driver is the best part of working for Wiltshire Farm Foods,” says Emma.Read more

Wedding Bells

Added 44 days ago. 11/04/2018

With over 2,600 members of the public invited to Windsor Castle to share their big day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking with tradition.

The couple has already shared their love of good food, but what will be on the menu?Read more

On the Big Screen

Added 45 days ago. 10/04/2018

For Monty Dobrin, the opportunity to appear in Wiltshire Farm Foods’ television advertisement turned into a family affair!

“It was a busy day,” says Monty, whose wife, granddaughter and great-grandson also feature in the advertisement.Read more
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