Added 22 days ago. 25/02/2019

Our new Spring & Summer menu has arrived, with 17 tasty new dishes as well as all the favourites you know and love.Read more

Softer Foods Range Update (IDDSI)

Added 26 days ago. 21/02/2019

We’d like to make you aware of some changes to our Softer Foods range from March 2019.Read more

Our Interview With The Charming Daniel Hill

Added 26 days ago. 21/02/2019

We interviewed the great British actor Daniel Hill, star of the theatre and Waiting for God!Read more

How Going Digital Could Enrich Your Life

Added 27 days ago. 20/02/2019

Wherever you look, technology seems to be the focus of modern-day life, from mobile phones to virtual assistants.

The digital age has transformed many people’s lives, and if you are looking for a place to start, below are some ways it could transform yours!Read more

Memories Of Winters Past

Added 27 days ago. 20/02/2019

We have taken a stroll down memory lane, through the worst winters Britain has ever seen. Those were the good cold days!Read more
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