Added 18 days ago. 01/11/2019

Explore our range of tempting Christmas specials withall your traditional favourites and some new festive dishes to try!

We're also giving away a FREE* Luxury Christmas Pudding and a Brandy in Clotted Cream Ice Cream with every Festive Feast Pack!Read more

In My School Days

Added 32 days ago. 18/10/2019

Things we miss from school in the 50s – and some we don’t!Read more

Preparing For A Royal Visit

Added 32 days ago. 18/10/2019

"We've been expecting you."
Fans of Downton Abbey who have seen the new film will already be well versed on Royal etiquette, but just how accurate were the Crawley’s preparations? Here’s what to expect if the Queen ever comes to tea…Read more

Our Interview With Janine Duvitski

Added 33 days ago. 17/10/2019

“As a child I liked the idea of being an actor, without really knowing whether it was possible to be one!”Read more

Sylvia's Story

Added 34 days ago. 16/10/2019

A small-town girl with a huge heart, Sylvia looks back over her career and one true love, to celebrate her achievements.Read more

Richard & Judy's Book Club - Autumn Edition

Added 34 days ago. 16/10/2019

Get ready for autumn with a selection of new-season reads, recommended exclusively for WHSmith by Richard & Judy.Read more

Spooky Tricks & Treats

Added 35 days ago. 15/10/2019

Halloween is that time of year which a lot of young children look forward to the most. Sweets, dressing up, and being with family & friends makes Halloween a great time for bringing people together.

Why not spend some time with the grandkids and try some of our suggested spooky activities?Read more


Added 90 days ago. 21/08/2019

Our new Autumn & Winter menu has arrived, with 21 brand new meals as well as lots of improved dishes for you to try. Read more

We've won an award for Social Enterprise

Added 134 days ago. 08/07/2019

We’re so excited to announce Wiltshire Farm Foods has been awarded the BFA Social Enterprise award.Read more

Changes to TV licence charges: Everything you need to know

Added 152 days ago. 20/06/2019

There has been a lot of talk over the last week of changes to the TV licence charge.

We’ve put together a brief summary with everything you need to know about these changes and how it might affect you.Read more
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