Award-winning meals for those with chewing or swallowing difficulties

Delicious meals at a texture that's right for you

At Wiltshire Farm Foods, we believe that everyone should be able to look forward to mealtimes, regardless of their needs. That’s why we are so proud of our award-winning Softer Foods range. 

Just because the texture of a meal is different, it doesn't mean you have to give up the flavours you love. Our Softer Foods range includes meals across three different textures to help those living with chewing or swallowing difficulties to eat with ease and confidence.

Our meals are the effortless way to enjoy good food every day. Simply pop your chosen meal into the microwave or oven and enjoy a warm and satisfying dish that's full of flavour in a matter of minutes. 

We have over 85 delicious dishes to choose from whether that be breakfast lunch or dinner, a mid-morning snack or an evening desert. Take a look at our range which includes lots of brand-new dishes alongside some improved favourites.

Our Softer Foods range is available in three different textures:

Level 4 - Purée Meals

Level 4 - Purée Meals

These dishes are a consistently smooth texture, still thick enough to eat with a fork and created so you can enjoy the distinct flavours of each element.

Level 5 - Minced Meals

Level 5 - Minced Meals

Requiring minimal chewing but with a more varied texture. In this range you’ll find comforting dishes such as casseroles and stews served with mashed sides.

Level 6 - Soft & Bite-Sized

Level 6 - Soft & Bite-Sized

These meals feature soft and manageable pieces of meat, fish and vegetables in rich and delicious sauces. Accompaniments are diced or mashed for ease of enjoyment.

Good food for every meal of the day

We believe that sitting down to good food should be celebrated and that no mealtime should be missed.

Discover our Puréed Sandwiches & Snacks, perfect for that little something in between.

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