Our chefs, Phil and Liam, are always looking for ways to make our food even better.

Our chefs, Phil and Liam, are always looking for ways to make our food even better.
If our food doesn’t make you smile, we’ll replace it absolutely free. Just keep hold of the film lid from the top of your meal and we’ll sort out the rest.*
Call us on 0800 077 3100email us or tell your delivery driver.

You're the boss

Because you’re a very discerning bunch, we have our own customer tasting team.
The team gives us regular feedback on our recipes. That’s why, from time to time, you may notice little tweaks to the meals you order – we’ve made them even better!
*Terms and conditions: our satisfaction guarantee applies to all meals purchased from Wiltshire Farm Foods. To request a replacement please contact your local team or tell your delivery driver. You must provide us with the film lid for the meal that is being replaced (at the time the replacement meal is delivered), otherwise we reserve the right to withhold the replacement meal. This guarantee is subject to fair use and we reserve the right to withhold replacement meals. We may amend the terms of this guarantee from time to time.

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