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Added 344 days ago. 19 February 2021

Opting for ready meals via a meal delivery service or grabbing a supermarket ready meal both alleviate the stress out of meal times and offer convenience. However, there are differences between the two, read our handy guide to learn more.



Of course the biggest benefit of a meal delivery service, is the fact that your meals are delivered direct to your door. There’s no need to venture out to the shops or queue up and you can select items from the comfort of your own home.

This is a major advantage, especially during current climates where we want to limit our outings to the shops.
While you can still get supermarket ready meals delivered, getting a delivery slot during coronavirus can prove a little tricky. Therefore, opting for a meal delivery service who solely sell ready meals can be an easier source during these times.

Our Home Delivery Service

Although times have been challenging, we are proud to say we adapted our meal delivery service during 2020 to ensure we could continue to deliver our delicious ready meals to our customers as normal.

Our drivers are all trained in no contact deliveries, and we have set up a priority phone line for our clinically extremely vulnerable customers. But, one thing remains the same! Our dedication to provide good old-fashioned service with a smile.

Menu Fatigue 

Some days choosing what to eat can be tricky so ready meals are an easy source of inspiration, not to mention they're also such an easy and convenient option! There are a range of ready meals on offer at supermarkets and different retailers have different stock, but you’ll tend to find that a meal delivery service specialising in ready meals provides a wider variety of options and can have sides included, such as additional vegetables on the side – giving you a full meal served with some of your five a day. This added nutritional element to a ready meal can sometimes make the price a little higher than those more standard ready meals in your local supermarket - so be mindful of this when shopping, as the cheaper option doesn't necessarily make it the best value for money, nor the healthier option.

Over 300 Delicious Ready Meals

For instance, at Wiltshire Farm Foods, our range is bursting with over 300 tasty frozen ready meals to choose from. It’s safe to say you won’t get menu fatigue anytime soon. Our talented chefs, Phil and Liam, and in-house dietitian, Emily, continuously work together to create delicious new recipes that are made with nutrition in mind – as well as always using ingredients that we have made sure we're sourcing in the right way.

Are Ready Meals good for you?

When shopping for ready meals, it’s key to ensure the ready meals you choose do not contain unhealthy ingredients. Yes, some ready meals contain high amounts of salt, fat or artificial ingredients, especially cheaper ones. But thankfully there are ready meal providers who carefully consider the ingredients their ready meals contain to keep them low in these areas. For example, all the meals in our Nutritious and Delicious range have fewer than 350 calories each and are low in fat, salt and sugar, making them the perfect choice for a lighter option. 

We have a registered in-house dietitian who holds extensive knowledge in knowing what makes a nutritious ready meal. You can get some of this knowledge from our upcoming dietitian series, where she will be discussing healthy fats to include in your diet and some advice on reducing your sugar intake.

Ethics and Sustainability

At Wiltshire Farm Foods, we're not just focused on making good food, but we take responsibility for our people and planet too, respecting the world around us, our trusted suppliers and valued customers. We are proud supporters of British Food and Farming industries and associate ourselves with the Ethical Trading Initiative.

You can shop our range of over 300 tasty frozen ready meals here, or request a brochure. All our meals come with satisfaction guaranteed, that’s how confident we are that you’ll love them.

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