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Added 642 days ago. 30 April 2021

Ready meals are often thought as being high in salt, fat and lacking nutrients, but there are thankfully plenty of ready meals which provide sufficient goodness from a dietary perspective, whilst also tasting delicious. 


Are ready meals really that bad for us?

An age-old adage is that ‘fresh is best’ when it comes to preparing meals at home. It’s certainly true that cooking from scratch often can be healthier than eating ready meals, but it’s not always a practical or suitable solution.  Nothing beats the convenience and safety (especially in recent times with the Covid pandemic) that ready meal home delivery provides, but what about the health aspect?  

It is fair to say that some ready meals out there are not developed with a great focus on nutrition meaning they may lack some of the nutritional benefits that fresh ingredients provide, but there are thankfully plenty of ready meals which provide sufficient goodness from a dietary perspective, whilst also tasting delicious.

And sometimes, let’s face it, we simply can’t be bothered to cook or don't want to go to the shops. The ease and convenience of home food delivery and popping a ready meal straight into the microwave or oven is a luxury we all need to indulge in from time to time.  And why feel guilty? 
The nutritional content of our meals is regulated and checked by our in-house dietitian, Emily, and team of expert chefs, so you can rest assured that our ready meals are anything but bad for you. We understand the importance of a good balance in your diet and ensure to provide options to suit a variety of dietary needs. By carefully curating all our frozen ready meals, we are making sure that our customers can have a tasty meal that provides them with the nutrition they need. You’ll see just how seriously we approach the nutritious aspect of all our meals by having a quick watch of Emily talking about healthy fats here.

In fact, before ingredients even arrive at our kitchen, we work closely with suppliers to ensure we’re using high quality ingredients in all of our delicious cooking at our Wiltshire based kitchen. 

“We recognise the importance of ensuring traceability and food safety company-wide,” explains our Group Technical Manager, Iain Mortimer; “That’s why we operate a testing process, which involves sampling every single batch of food, so that if any bacteria is identified, we can detect it before it’s released to be sold.”   

As a company we test around 120,000 food samples each year. We’re also one of the few home delivery ready meal providers that has independently accredited testing laboratories onsite. So it’s safe to say we’re not taking any risks when it comes to food safety for our customers.

This commitment to food safety, together with our passion for developing nutritious, delicious meals, means our ready meals are anything but bad for you. Why not give them a try? Take a look at our brand new Spring & Summer menu and see for yourself! 

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