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Puréed Ready Meals: For Dysphagia and Swallowing Difficulties

Added 1304 days ago. 09 May 2019

Those with swallowing or chewing difficulties may be required to eat puréed meals, providing food which has a consistent texture and is safe to eat. 

This may be when recovering from an illness or surgery, or it may be a long-term requirement for those who can no longer consume solid food.

The Importance of Eating a Nutritious Puréed Meal

Dysphagia refers to swallowing conditions as whole, but is a secondary condition that is almost always caused by another condition which affects the swallowing process, for example cancer, a stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Those with dysphagia will likely require dishes consisting of a specific texture, here at Wiltshire Farm Foods we offer 3 different food textures, including a range of puréed food options for every meal time.

It is important for those living with dysphagia to have access to meals that are just as full of nourishment and flavour as a regular texture diet, in order to avoid weight loss and malnutrition – a common side effect of this condition. 

Puréed Meals to Avoid Weight Loss & Malnutrition

If weight loss occurs, you should try to increase your intake of nourishing foods and drinks with small snacks between meals, such as puréed snacks and Purée Petite meals, available to order from Wiltshire Farm Foods. 

If you are struggling to eat full-sized meals, or concerned about a loved one’s appetite and potential weight loss, you can read advice on how to follow a safe and nutritious diet in our dedicated Softer Foods area.

If you or someone you know is affected by dysphagia, we understand the importance of being able to find a softer food option to suit your dietary needs. 

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy meal times, that’s why we offer a range of tasty meals and snack alternatives within our Softer Foods range.

Puréed Softer Foods Range

Formerly named Category C Purée Meals, our Level 4 category dishes are puréed and smooth with a consistent texture. We have created delicious breakfasts, snacks, light lunches main meals and desserts to suit your appetite and provide nourishing meals throughout the day.

Here is a sample menu of what is available to order in this category, providing you with nourishing puréed dishes for the whole day. 
Purée Breakfasts

From your more traditional cooked breakfasts, to a tasty vegetarian option, or warm fruity porridges – enjoy a great start to your day every day with a delicious hot breakfast from the puréed breakfast range.

Shop our Purée Breakfasts
Purée Sandwiches & Snacks

Whether its lunchtime or you are hankering for a mid-morning snack, we offer a delicious selection of lighter puréed options. Our range of tasty shaped Purée Sandwiches and Purée Snacks including beans on toast are ideal lunchtime options for anyone needing a Level 4 Purée diet.

Shop our Puréed Sandwiches & Snacks
Purée Classic Meals

Specially created by our chefs to be just as visually appetising as they are delicious – our Purée Classic meals are available in a similar portion size to our main meals, offering a convenient and tasty option for those with swallowing difficulties. Choose from 18 meals including a classic Chicken & Gravy or Beef Stew – not to mention the delicious Salmon Supreme and Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta.

Shop our Purée Classic Meals
Purée Petite Meals

Specially made 40% smaller than our Purée Classic meals, while still containing a similar calorie and protein content as our regular-sized dishes, our chefs have ingeniously created a selection of Purée Petite meals for those with a smaller appetite.
Enjoy over 20 Purée Petite dishes packed full of flavour, including Chicken Chasseur, Steak & Chips and Lamb Chops – ideal for smaller appetites without sacrificing calories. 

Shop our Purée Petite Meals
Purée Desserts

Our tasty selection of hot and cold puréed desserts, including sticky toffee pudding and custard and chocolate mousse, are simple and easy to serve at home. Available for those who need a Level 4 Purée diet, our range of desserts mean we never need forget about a sweet treat!

Shop our Purée Desserts 

Explore our Award-Winning Softer Foods Range

All of the dishes within our award-winning Softer Foods range are both delicious and easy to prepare – simply pop straight into the microwave or oven. With over 85 dishes across 3 texture levels, you can choose precisely the right option for you. 

Having recently updated our Softer Foods Range in line with the latest guidance from the NHS, we are also introduced new names and descriptors for food textures across our range.
In short, we now offer 3 levels of texture-modified meals for varying degrees of swallowing difficulty:

Level 4 - Puréed Meals
Level 5 – Minced Meals
Level 6 - Soft and Bite-Sized Meals
Whatever you choose, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our Softer Foods dishes are both delicious and safe to those living with swallowing difficulties. 
Please note: Wiltshire Farm Foods content does not replace the advice of any registered Healthcare Professional and you should always seek the advice of your General Practitioner when making changes to your diet. The guidelines in this article are for general healthy eating purposes and if you have any condition that may require a specialised diet or fluid restriction then you must first follow the advice of your dedicated Healthcare Professional. 
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