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Quality, Nutrition & Taste

Tasty meals, lovingly prepared

We're committed to making great food in the right way - ethically, sustainably and deliciously with quality ingredients. Our chefs work closely with our nutritionist and dietitian to create delicious meals to cater for all tastes and dietary requirements.

All our ingredients are sourced from carefully approved suppliers and we are proud to support the British food and farming industry. Our ice cream, for example, is sourced from family-run Marshfield Farm, just fifteen miles away, and all the wheat and peas we use in our recipes are 100% British. 

Our lamb is exclusively from the British Isles or New Zealand. We are passionate about sustainability too, that's why we're committed to only using sustainable fish.

Know your food

We use ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients in our meals whenever we can, like the fish in our fabulous selection of fish dishes.  At Wiltshire Farm Foods, what you see is what you get and we guarantee our meals:

✗ Artificial Flavours
✗ Artificial Colours
✗ HVOs (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils)
✗ GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
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The Best Of British

We believe British farming provides some of the best tasting produce in the world

Which is why at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we’re proud to support British farmers wherever we can. Delicious and British.

Meet David Sellar, a farmer who provides beef to one of our trusted suppliers, raises his beef on the family farm nestled in the Cotswold hills near Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

David is passionate about his herd and believes that the way he raises his cattle makes a big difference to the quality and flavour of the beef.

“There’s nothing better than spending time out in the field with the herd. They graze the pasture out here all summer.”

The core principles of home grown and sustainable farming remain as true on the farm now as they ever were.

And what’s David’s ideal way to refuel after a long day in the fields? ‘A good roast beef dinner’, he smiles. ‘I love my beef and you can’t beat it as a delicious treat.’. We couldn’t agree more David.
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Put A Spring In Your Step

Lamb from world-renowned producers

What better way to celebrate the best of the new season than with lamb from world-renowned producers in the British Isles and New Zealand?

Lamb from the British Isles is raised on sweet pastures, producing a tender meat known for its succulent flavour. It is perfectly complemented by New Zealand's contrasting season to the British Isles, a perfect fit with the British Isles’ lamb season. 

Our lamb recipes are full of the taste of Spring so if you’ve got a spring in your step, head to page 30 and take a look at our lamb menu selection.

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