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Our Award-Winning Softer Foods Range

At Wiltshire Farm Foods, we believe that everyone should look forward to a tasty, nutritious and appetising meal, no matter what. That's why we're so proud of our award-winning Softer Foods range.

Our chefs and nutritionists have prepared a wide selection of delicious dishes for people in need of a Category C, D or E diet. From our melt-in-the-mouth Extra Tender selections, to our brand new Puree Petite meals - we're committed to serving up safe, convenient mealtimes at home, but never at the expense of flavour and enjoyment. 

No other company has invested so much time and resource into developing a range like this, which we truly believe is the world's best. Try our dishes and we think you'll agree.

Puree Petite

Energy dense meals for smaller appetites.

Our new Puree Petite meals offer smaller, more manageable portion sizes, but are energy dense to serve up a similar calorie and protein content as our Puree Classic dishes - not to mention the same great flavours.

So even if your appetite isn't what it used to be, you won't lose out on these essential nutrients.

View our Puree Petite Range

Puree Classic

Tasty dishes for satisfying mealtimes.

Our Puree Classic meals use the same quality ingredients and satisfying portion sizes as our main meals. We simply prepare each selection to the perfect consistency and carefully shape them to ensure every meal looks as good as it tastes - helping you enjoy safe, delicious mealtimes with ease.
View our Puree Classic Range

Soft Meals

Tasty, appealing meals that require little chewing.

For those following a Pre-Mashed diet, our tasty selection of Soft Meals offer the choice, flavour and enjoyment that you would expect from our talented chefs. All the meals listed in this range are suitable for those requiring a Category D diet.

View our Soft Meals Range

Extra Tender

Succulent meat, tender fish and delicately cooked vegetables.

Our Extra Tender range of meals offer a softer texture without comprimising on taste. These meals are ideal for anyone who enjoys their meat and vegetables being a little more tender and easier to chew - while still tasting great.

View our Extra Tender Range

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