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Our Range Of Meals

We have over 300 ready meals and desserts

We have over 300 dishes in our range of frozen ready meals and our chefs are always thinking up new and exciting recipes.  From traditional favourites to more contemporary ranges, plus options for special diets such as our Nutritious & Delicious, Gluten-Free and vegetarian ranges - with so much choice, you should find something for everyone.

More About Our Range Of Home Delivered Ready Meals

Nutritious & Delicious

Our Chefs worked with our Dietitian and Nutritionist to create this range of meals which all contain less than 400 calories and are low in fat, salt and sugar, while ensuring the meals still taste delicious. 

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Hearty Meals

Our Hearty range of ready meals are larger than our standard meals – perfect for when you’re feeling really hungry.

Our range of tasty and hearty ready meals are guaranteed to satisfy.  With selection of flavoursome dishes, from Cumberland pinwheel sausage, to Shepherd’s pie - a traditional favourite - you’ll be spoiled for choice.

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Meals For Two

For even more convenience, this range of frozen ready meals is specially designed for sharing.

Whether you’re tempted by traditional Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding, or want to treat yourselves to a light and summery Cauliflower Cheese & Broccoli Bake, we’ve got a delicious range of ready meals that have been carefully prepared and designed to satisfy two people.

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Mini Meals

Perfect lighter option for any time of day.

A great selection of smaller sized classic ready meals and tasty soups, perfect as a light lunch or evening bite.  Meals in this range contain 140-391 calories.

Mini Meals are 180 - 220g.

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Mini Meals Extra

Our Mini Meals Extra range of ready meals are satisfying meals for small appetites.  A great range of small, manageable ready meals perfect as a main meal for those with a small appetite.

View Mini Meals Extra range >

Italian & Mediterranean 

The southern Europeans love their food and we love their recipes, so we have created a range of Italian & Mediterranean favourites.

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Indian & Chinese

With our range of delicious Indian & Chinese ready meals, you can treat yourself to an authentic tasting, full-flavoured takeaway whenever the mood takes you.

Full of bold flavours, our Indian and Chinese ready meals are slow cooked using a tantalising selection of authentic spices, creating beautiful flavours that taste as good as any takeaway meal.

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Our bakery creates a delicious range of individual portion cakes as well as larger portion cakes to share – the range includes Lemon Drizzle Cake, Cherry & Almond Cake and Coffee Cake.

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For those days when you want to take a more flexible approach, our Choices range is the answer. Why not try combining our delicious slow cooked Lamb Shank with our Extra Buttery Mash and Minted Vegetable Selection. Whichever way you fancy it, the choice is yours.

View Choices range >


We have a range of hot and cold desserts – from West Country Clotted Cream Rice Pudding to Lemon Meringue Pie.

Our delicious selection of Hot Desserts are guaranteed to be sticky, sugary and just the thing to satisfy a sweet tooth. The perfect way to finish your meal.

Our Cold Desserts include gateau, cheesecake and delicious ice cream. They are a tasty treat you can enjoy whenever you choose.

Our dessert range also includes Reduced Sugar Desserts.

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Our breakfast selection includes an All Day Breakfast, Sausage, Beans & Omlette as well as a Porridge option.

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Extra Tender

Succulent, juicy and flavoursome meat and fish, combined with delicately cooked seasonal vegetables, our Extra Tender ready meals range gives you all the deliciousness of our regular ready meals but with a softer texture.

View Extra Tender range >

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Not Sure Where To Start?

Then try one of our menu packs

With so many meals to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start – so why not try one of our menu packs?  Each pack contains a variety of main meals and desserts for you to try, and is a great introduction to our ranges.

Our Trial Pack includes six main meals and two desserts including traditional favourites such as Cottage Pie, Bangers & Mash and Chicken and Vegetable Casserole, all for just £19.98.

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