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Dysphagia and how Wiltshire Farm Foods can help

What is Dysphagia?

People who have dysphagia may have difficulty swallowing certain foods and liquids, while others may not be able to swallow at all. These swallowing problems can result in dehydration, malnutrition and occasionally chest infections caused by food, drink and saliva entering the lungs.

A variety of healthcare professionals will help people manage their dysphagia symptoms; such as advising on a texture-modified diet which can cover a range of dysphagia-friendly options including blended, soft or puréed meals.


Dysphagia-friendly diets

The National Patient Safety Association provides national descriptors for dysphagia-friendly meals which describe the required consistency of suitable meals. The descriptors are divided into the following 4 categories:

Category B = Thin Purée Dysphagia Diet

Category C = Thick Purée Dysphagia Diet

Category D = Pre-mashed Dysphagia Diet

Category E = Fork-Mashable Dysphagia Diet


Our dysphagia-friendly meals

We understand that making changes to your diet due to dysphagia can be difficult and that's why we have worked hard to launch a range of nutritious dysphagia-friendly meals suitable for Category C (puréed), Category D (pre-mashed) and Category E (Fork Mashable) diets. These meals have been approved by speech and language therapists and dietitians and meet the National Patient Safety Association descriptors.

Our award winning range of meals cater for a wide range of dietary needs, including gluten free, low salt and vegetarian. Each and every recipe has been developed with our dietitians to ensure that they are highly nutritious, and because we know just how important visual appeal is, all our puréed dishes retain their shape - even after cooking.

Click on the links to see our full range of Soft meals (category D), Puréed meals and Puréed desserts (Category C) and Fork Mashable meals (Category E). 


Wiltshire Farm Foods - helping you to take care of mealtimes

With Wiltshire Farm Foods you’ll find something for every mealtime, from a choice that’s sure to tempt your appetite at any time of day. All our Pre-mashed and Puréed meals are frozen for freshness and convenience, and preparing our dishes is simplicity itself – just take a meal straight from the freezer and cook in your microwave or oven.

Please ensure you consult your healthcare professional before starting a new diet.


Find out more by visiting our new Softer Foods website.    


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