We've made recycling easier than ever - by collecting your empties just like the milkman.


At Wiltshire Farm Foods we're dedicated to protecting the planet - so when it comes to our packaging we never stop striving to do things the right way. Our collect and recycle scheme is truly trailblazing and the first of its kind, anywhere in the world.


✓ No Cardboard Sleeves
You still see them in supermarkets, and yes they look nice - but we put the environment first. It's what's inside that counts!

We Re-use Our Cardboard Boxes
The boxes we use to bring your meals to you are reused over and over again and then we recycle them!

✓ Recycled and Recyclable Trays
More recently we have moved all our dishes to new trays that are 100% recyclable.

How does it work?

Once you've enjoyed your tasty meals, simply remove the lid and wash your tray - they are dishwasher safe too! You can then hand all of your empty Wiltshire Farm Foods trays to your driver on your next delivery. 

We'll make sure 100% of them are recycled into brand new trays for our meals, right here in the UK.

For more information, you can watch our short video to explain the full process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the trays different colours?
It all depends on the colours of the recycled plastics used to make them, which can vary each time.

Why do I have to wash my trays so well?
The trays need to be free from food contamination to ensure they are clean so they can be turned back into new trays.

Are the trays dishwasher safe?
Yes – you’ll be pleased to know that they are fine to pop into your dishwasher. As they’re so light, try to slot them in securely to avoid them moving around too much whilst the machine is on.

What happens to the trays?
Your driver will collect trays at every delivery. The trays are cleaned, recycled and turned into new trays at our specialist facility in Durham.

Do the trays just get washed and reused?
No, collected trays will be made into brand new trays ready for more delicious meals!

Can’t I just use my home recycling bin?
You can but there is no guarantee your trays will actually be recycled; less than 50% of plastic packaging in the UK gets recycled, and 61% of what is collected gets sent abroad and it’s unclear what happens to it next. Our system ensures 100% of the trays will be recycled.

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