Interview with Jason Donovan

Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

Following a string of summer festival dates, Jason Donovan is preparing to take to the road with his own tour.

In this interview we find out more about his upcoming tour.Read more

Interview with Lionel Blair

Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

In a 70 year long career, Lionel Blair has always entertained us, and has no intention of stopping any time soon!

Lionel is a legendary entertainer having danced with Sammy Davis Jr., appeared in A Hard Day’s Night, Celebrity Big Brother and The Real Marigold Hotel.Read more

Indian & Chinese Range of Meals

Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

Why not treat yourself to some bold, bright flavours?

Our Indian and Chinese meals are cooked with a tantalising selection of authentic spices, creating beautiful flavours that taste as good as any takeaway. They're seriously hard to beat.Read more

Free From Range of Meals

Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

Our Free From meals offer delicious options and tasty flavours so you can combine a satisfying and tasty daily diet with peace of mind if you have food allergies.

We spoke with our Head Chef, Phil Rimmer and Dietitian, Helen Willis to hear about these allergen-free dishes.Read more


Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

As the range of convenience food grew, the 90s saw us try new styles of cooking, ingredients and growing nutritional awareness. We've put together a timeline of some key foodie moments of the 1990s. Read more

Dish of the Decade - 2000's

Added 1845 days ago. 16/01/2018

As we entered the noughties, there was a greater focus on the origin and nutritional value of food and a return to simple comforts.

In this article we take a look at key foodie moments of the 00s and what we ate then.Read more

Jean the Poet

Added 1873 days ago. 19/12/2017

A big thank you to Jean Mason of Wolverhampton for sharing her poem with us, one of a collection which she pens in support of the charity Children In Need.

For sending in her poem, Jean wins a signed book from Wiltshire Farm Foods ambassador Fern Britton.Read more

Why choose frozen ready meal delivery

Added 1880 days ago. 12/12/2017

If you’re looking for a way to make dinnertimes easier for yourself or a family member, you may well be considering a meal delivery service. 

There are lots of options to get food delivered to your home, from supermarkets to takeaways.Read more
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