Added 176 days ago. 01/01/2022

Our brand new all-singing, all-dancing TV advert is here. Watch members of our team from across the country star in our musical showcase.Read more

Classic Dishes

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we think nothing hits the spot quite like a comforting classic dish.

But you don't have to take our word for it - we've put together a collection of best selling 5 star dishes, as rated by our customers.Read more

The Singing Driver

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Many of our drivers enjoy a wide variety of hobbies out of hours, but if you're lucky you might hear driver Paul Wozniak singing a song as he drives and makes his deliveries.

In this article we speak with Paul, a keen amateur dramatics player.Read more

The Great Outdoors

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

It sounds obvious, but research confirms that spending time outdoors has health benefits.

We've put together five simple ways to enjoy reconnecting with nature...Read more

Our Team of Chefs

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Have you ever wondered what Wiltshire Farm Foods Chefs get up to when they're not busy in the Wiltshire Farm Foods kitchen?

We spoke with Wiltshire Farm Foods Head Chef, Phil Rimmer and Development Chef, Liam Newble to find out.Read more

One Man and His Dog

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

When Wiltshire Farm Foods driver Andrew Ledwith isn’t making deliveries in the Warrington area, he’s creating pet portraits.

Find out more about Andrew and his unique pet portraits in this interview.Read more

Meet our Producer - Marshfield Farm Ice Cream

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Did you know our delicious dairy ice creams are made for us by a multi-award winning local creamery?
We visited their organic farm to get a closer look at the action and create this video so that you too can hear the Marshfield Farm Ice Cream Story.Read more

Meet the Producer - JE Hartley

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

JE Hartley has been growing vegetables since 1954 – today the company’s freshly frozen produce features in many of Wiltshire Farm Foods’ tasty meals.

Find out more about JE Hartley who have been supplying Wiltshire Farm Foods for over 12 years!Read more

Interview with Jason Donovan

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Following a string of summer festival dates, Jason Donovan is preparing to take to the road with his own tour.

In this interview we find out more about his upcoming tour.Read more

Interview with Lionel Blair

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

In a 70 year long career, Lionel Blair has always entertained us, and has no intention of stopping any time soon!

Lionel is a legendary entertainer having danced with Sammy Davis Jr., appeared in A Hard Day’s Night, Celebrity Big Brother and The Real Marigold Hotel.Read more

Indian & Chinese Range of Meals

Added 1622 days ago. 16/01/2018

Why not treat yourself to some bold, bright flavours?

Our Indian and Chinese meals are cooked with a tantalising selection of authentic spices, creating beautiful flavours that taste as good as any takeaway. They're seriously hard to beat.Read more
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