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Added 325 days ago. 12 January 2022

With our selection of Vegetarian dishes, there’s never been an easier way to get your five a day. In this article, we’ve outlined our top 10 Vegetarian ready meals, from traditional favourites to bright modern dishes – they’re sure to inspire your weekly menu.


Our Top Rated Vegetarian Dishes

Plant based meals are becoming increasingly popular, many people are adopting a 'Flexitarian' approach to their diets by swapping out some meat based midweek meals for healthy vegetarian options.

Whether you enjoy vegetarian dishes every night of the week or you’re just looking to add a meat free dish into your weekly diet, our Vegetarian ready meal options take the hassle out of mealtimes. So sit back, relax and enjoy our delicious vegetarian ready meals delivered to your door.

Read on to find out our top 10 rated Vegetarian ready made meals.

1. West Country Cheddar Macaroni Cheese

This penne pasta in a tasty vegetarian three cheese sauce is topped with vegetarian Regato cheese and served with green beans, peas, diced carrot and sweetcorn. Did you know, our West Country Cheddar is made is made and matured using traditional methods and is aged for at least nine months for the perfect flavour? 

5* Customer Review

“Just eaten this lovely meal, full of taste, nice creamy cheese sauce with tender veg, definitely one for my favourite meals” - Kasbeth

2. Cauliflower Cheese & Broccoli Bake

Florets of cauliflower and broccoli baked in a West Country Cheddar cheese sauce and served with parsley boiled potatoes. If you’re yet to try our West Country Cheddar, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to this perfectly teamed veggie dish.

3. Mushroom Stroganoff

A deliciousl dish of sliced Chestnut mushrooms in a creamy smoked paprika and brandy sauce. Served with pea and parsley rice.

4. Cheese, Onion, Leek & Potato Bake

These herby diced potatoes are cooked with leeks and onions in a vegetarian cheese sauce and served with mashed carrot and swede and green beans.

5* Customer Review

“I'm not vegetarian but I do love my veggies and this meal gave me everything I wanted. It was varied, tasty and satisfying.” - Joan R

5. Vegetable Lasagne

Delicious Mediterranean vegetables cooked in a tomato sauce layered with soft pasta and a vegetarian Cheddar cheese sauce and served with carrots and green beans. Missing out on the meat certainly doesn’t mean losing out on taste!

6. Cheese & Onion Quiche

Tasty vegetarian cheese and onion quiche served with parsley diced potatoes, broccoli, peas, diced carrot and sweetcorn.

7. Jacket Potato with Baked Beans & Cheddar Cheese

What could be better than this supper time classic - a fluffy jacket potato topped with based beans in a tomato sauce with sprinkled with Cheddar cheese.

8. Quorn, Leek & Mushroom Pie

A meat free version of a classic - Quorn pieces mixed with chestnut mushrooms and leeks in a creamy sauce topped with shortcrust pastry. Served with mashed potato, carrots & peas.

5* Customer Review

"This tastes amazing and is so moorish. My only complaint, if you can call it one, is that the pastry tastes so good, I wished it was bigger." - Tony

9. Vegetable, Lentil & Chianti Hotpot

A delicious combination of mixed vegetables in a vegetarian Cheddar cheese sauce, topped with sauté potatoes and served with peas, swede and mashed potato. Extra cheesy and extra delicious!

10. Free From Provencale Vegetable Bake

Finally, a delicious vegetable bake with diced courgette and haricot beans in a tomato and mixed pepper sauce, topped with sauté potatoes and served with mixed green vegetables. This tasty dish is also part of our Free From range designed for people with food allergies. Find out more about our Free From range here.

5* Customer Review

"Many thanks again Wiltshire FF, yet another treat for me as an ethical vegan, I love this meal, the flavour's so delicious, the saute potatoes are wonderful and the veg is so fresh and perfectly cooked, well done chef."Annie

With such a varied range of delicious vegetarian dishes, there’s no better time to add some veggie meals to your order. Find out more about our Vegetarian food delivery service here.

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