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Added 9 days ago. 14 October 2021

Due to Brexit, our Northern Ireland branch has been experiencing some difficulties with bringing stock in for some dishes on our menu. Find out more here.



You may have heard about the challenges many businesses are facing due to Brexit. As a result of new rules and requirements, we have been experiencing some difficulties bringing selected dishes into Northern Ireland. Thankfully things have improved and we now only have about 15 of our 340+ dishes unavailable to our Northern Ireland customers.

Please see below for the full list of meals that are currently unavailable. Whilst you may still be able to add these meals to your basket, your local team in Northern Ireland will then need to substitue them for an available dish before delivering your order.

To keep things simple, please try and avoid adding any of these meals to your basket for the time being and choose one of our many other delicious dishes to enjoy instead. 

Dishes Currently Unavailable

  • Corned Beef Hash (203)
  • Chicken Kiev (370)
  • Choc Ices (pack of 8) (2129)
  • Extra Tender Fish Pie (4715)
  • Plaice in Breadcrumbs (563)
  • Corned Beef Hash Mini Meal Extra (589)
  • Ploughman's (2207)
  • Minced Fisherman's Pie (7203)
  • Fisherman's Pie Mini Meal (036)
  • Fish in Parsley Sauce Mini Meal (118)
  • Cod in a Minted Pea & Herb Sauce (243)
  • Fish in Parsley Sauce (314)
  • Level 6 Fish Pie (7312)
  • Fish & Chips Mini Meal (093)

The good news

There’s still plenty of choice though – our Autumn & Winter brochure is bursting with lots of tasty meals for you to try.

We are ever so sorry about this issue and are doing everything we can to make sure things get back to normal for you as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies and thank you once more for your patience. 
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