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Spooky Tricks & Treats

Added 742 days ago. 15 October 2019

Halloween is that time of year which a lot of young children look forward to the most. Sweets, dressing up, and being with family & friends makes Halloween a great time for bringing people together.

Why not spend some time with the grandkids and try some of our suggested spooky activities?


As the nights grow long and the shadows longer, we thought we'd get into the spirit of things by sharing some of our top tricks & treats for all the family. Why not spend an afternoon with the grandkids and try out some of our spooky themed activites together?

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving dates back hundreds of years, when Celtic people hollowed out turnips in order to ward off evil spirits in the October nights. Now it's a fantastic bonding experience for families, making the best looking pumpkin in the neighbourhood! Why not encourage the kids to draw out some designs on paper whilst you do the knifework, or maybe if the children are a bit older, see if they can do some of the more simple shapes like triangles for eyes?

Once it's ready, pop a small tealight inside and watch it glow! Why not also use the carved out pumpkin flesh to make a delicious halloween themed recipe?

2. Homemade Decorations

With the shops all filled up with over-the-top decorations, having some that are homemade can be a great way to spend a lazy afternoon with the family. For younger kids there are colour-in printouts available online, or get some pre-printed ones and help them to cut them out. For the older ones why not make some homemade spiders with pipe cleaners & googly eyes, or cut out bats or witches hats on black card to stick on windows? 

3. Halloween Treats

There are many traditional spooky recipes available, we've chosen two of our favourites, but feel free to get creative and find some more recipes of your own!

Toffee Apples

Originating from the USA in 1908, toffee apples are eaten worldwide for many celebrations. In England, they are typically a Halloween or Bonfire Night treat. To make these fruity delights, simply follow this quick recipe:

What you'll need:

Red Apples
Caster sugar
Red & Black food colouring
Long cocktail or lolly sticks


1. Push the cocktail or lolly stick into the stalk end of the apples. Place a large piece of baking parchment onto a wooden board.

2. Tip the sugar into a large saucepan and add water & flavourings (if any). Bring to a simmer and cook until the sugar has dissolved. Don't stir the sugar, but swirl it round by tilting the pan. Add the syrup and bubble the mixture (but not to the boil) until it reaches 'hard crack' stage. Drop a small amount into some cold water, and it should harden instantly. If not, continue to heat it until you reach this stage. When ready, drip in the food colouring and swirl to combine. Turn off the heat.

3. Dip each apple into the toffee, tipping the pan to cover all the skin. Lift out and drip off any excess before putting on the baking parchment. Repeat with the other apples. Gently heat the toffee again if you need to. Enjoy on the same day after allowing them to cool.

Spooky Cakes & Biscuits

Making cakes & cookies is probably quite familiar for a lot of us, but with it being the spooky season, why not try making some themed versions with the grandkids for Halloween? To make these devilish delights, simply make cake or cookie dough as you normally would and add food colouring if required. Then use cutters as appropriate to shape them how you desire. After baking in an oven comes the kids' favourite stage which is icing the sweet treats. We've put a simple recipe together on how to make spiders, but feel free to get creative and decorate to whatever scares you the most! A few ideas to start with could be ghosts, pumpkins or witches hats.

What you'll need:

Standard biscuit or cookie ingredients
Marshmallows or other sweets to make the "body"
Melted Chocolate
Decorations for eyes (icing sugar or fondants)

1. Bake your biscuits or cookies to your usual recipe.
2. Drizzle on melted chocolate to make a basic spider shape.
3. Place your chosen sweet in the middle and drizzle melted chocolate on to hold it firm.
4. Place your decorations on to make your spiders look how you want.
5. Allow to cool slightly, and enjoy!

4. Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is one of the most traditional Halloween games played, with many people remembering playing the game during the spooky season. Why not set up a game to play with the grandkids?

All that's needed is a large bucket or a basin that's filled with water, drop a few apples in and see who can be the first to capture an apple or two! For a different twist on the game, you can try hanging the apples from strings and see who can get a bite from their apple the quickest. 

We hope you enjoy trying some of these activities, we'd love to see what you get up to! Send your pictures to us on Facebook at . We wish you all a very happy Halloween from Wiltshire Farm Foods!

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