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Our Tasty Christmas Gifts

Added 1082 days ago. 09 November 2018

The festive season is the perfect moment to treat yourself to something delicious and tasty, so discover something new with our Christmas ‘stars’!


Our tempting Roast Pork with Cranberry Stuffing

This year at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we have created a fantastic Christmas Selection Pack with tasty new dishes  such as our Roast Pork with Cranberry Stuffing. Wiltshire Farm Foods Chef Liam Newblé says the inspiration for this main was to create a new classic for customers to enjoy. “Not everyone likes turkey at  Christmas,” he says, “and we felt roast pork with cranberry stuffing would go well with the traditional trimmings of a seasonal roast.”

Our delicious & classic Mince Pies

Our Mince Pies also make a traditional sweet treat that are synonymous with Christmas. “These little bundles of joy are a staple of any Christmas range,” adds Liam. “Enjoy them with flavoured cream or custard, or as they come with a cup of tea.” Whether your tastes are traditional or you fancy something different, enjoy our Christmas Selection Pack and celebrate the season.

There are many traditions at Christmas that involve feasting and celebrating...

Since the 16th century, we have eaten turkey, and Henry VIII is popularly believed to have been the first monarch to eat one at Christmas. On Christmas Day 1716, the Prince Regent (later George II) is said to have enjoyed a lavish spread of plum broth, partridge, beef, pork, turkey, woodcock, stag’s tongue, plum pudding, snipe, pheasant and meat-filled mince pies.

Tempted? Why not try our Christmas favourites?

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