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One Woman and her Amazing Dog

Added 1391 days ago. 04 January 2018

Many of Wiltshire Farm Foods drivers have hidden talents and hobbies.

Off-duty driver Donna Griffiths and her Border Collie, Ziggy, are firm friends and great competitors!


Off-Duty Driver

“He’s incredibly clever,” says Wiltshire Farm Foods driver Donna Griffiths, talking fondly about her canine pal, Ziggy who she competes with at Kennel Club dog agility events.

“My son’s a farmer, and he’s had three Border Collies for sheep work. I’ve always been interested in dog agility and used to watch Crufts, but it was after my children grew up that I thought I would have a go. Ziggy and I started training and we’ve never looked back.

“Ziggy enjoys it and we’ve formed a great bond. We’ve been competing for three years and we’ve reached level six of seven levels, even though you have to win three times in a row to progress to the next level.”

It’s a family affair for Donna, as her husband competes with the couple’s second dog, Roo, and her daughter also competes with her dog, Ozzy. “The three dogs live with me,” says Donna, “but Ziggy’s the oldest and is a really sharp worker. It takes up all our spare time from Easter to October, but when you win and you go up a grade, it makes it all worthwhile – we might even be at Crufts ourselves, one day.”

Donna’s job as a Wiltshire Farm Foods driver in West London fits in perfectly with training Ziggy. “I get to meet really lovely people and it’s a fantastic job. All of my regular customers know about Ziggy, and they often ask how he’s got on when we’re competing. His reputation as a super dog is renowned!”

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