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Added 487 days ago. 26 June 2020

Introducing Peter Vaughan, director of Vaughan's Kitchen & Cookery School in Devizes, Wiltshire. He is one of the chefs who has collaborated on our new Summer Kitchen collection.


Introducing Peter Vaughan...

Director of Vaughan’s Cookery School in Devizes, Peter Vaughan, has long been familiar with Wiltshire Farm Foods as his grandparents were customers. He has many fond memories of sitting with them and choosing different meals from the brochure, so was only too happy to get involved with the Summer Kitchen collaboration.

Hear more about the collaboration in his own words in the video below...
Peter has long believed that when it comes to cooking, it’s all about the classic dishes for depth and richness of flavour.  The inspiration behind his beef carbonnade goes back 100 years to when beef was cooked very slowly in beer; the slight bitterness from the beer and sweetness from the barley created a delicious intensity of flavour.
Believing there’s no better combination than chocolate and cherry, Peter has also created a Chocolate and Cherry Brownie with Vanilla Cream Sauce. As cherries are in season at the moment this is the ideal sweet treat to follow Peter’s main, the ultimate comfort food and rich in flavour.

When it comes to cooking, Peter tries to channel his grandparents Margie and John and what they would have enjoyed. Ultimately a good dish is one you want to eat yourself and he feels both his dear grandparents would have loved his meals: they are simple and enjoyable, comfort food at its best.   

Discover Peter's recipes:

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