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Added 797 days ago. 26 November 2020

Two musicians which form the band GeeJay were so inspired by their time working for Wiltshire Farm Foods that their song has featured on Fearne Cotton’s new album, Happy Place.


The band, GeeJay, is a fusion of the two artists’ names: Gina Jane and Jacob Lobo.  

The two musicians were so inspired by their time working for Wiltshire Farm Foods that one of their songs has featured on Fearne Cotton’s brand-new album, Happy Place.

Finding themselves without work during the pandemic, they relocated to the South West and supported us by taking phone calls and placing orders for customers. 
Brightening the lives of our customers and bringing some sunshine to their days, be it with a smiling face at the door or cheerful voice at the end of the phone, is something we strive to ensure for all our customers.  And it’s now more important, than ever, given the current lockdown.
The experience of interacting with people who were eager for conversation and happy to hear a friendly voice was one which resonated powerfully with Gina:

“Many of the customers we spoke with suddenly found themselves alone and struggled with having to adapt to a totally isolated way of life.  Human connection is so important, especially at such a challenging and uncertain time; we found the simplicity of picking up the phone and making such a small gesture had such a positive impact on someone’s day.  The pandemic has brought us closer together in that sense.”

Former Radio One DJ and television personality, Fearne Cotton, curated the Happy Place album and approached GeeJay to write a song and their track Lose My Mind, was the end result. The lyrics discuss the importance of mental health; now a prominent issue for many across the country. 
Spending time with friends and family is something that many of us has been deprived of in recent months.  Bridging this gap by picking up the phone and having a chat really can make all the difference. As GeeJay’s lyrics movingly convey:

We all need human connection,
We all need each other,
We all need to stay strong,
We are together everyone,
Oh we are one.”

One of our customers, Winifriede Ostley, 96, has been receiving meals from Wiltshire Farm Foods for six years and says she’d be lost without her driver Nikki Goacher, delivering to her regularly:

“It gives me a lift, it's like having a tonic. If Nikki couldn't visit, I would miss that contact. You get used to somebody and you get quite fond of them – I know I do. We have a chat and it makes all the difference.”

To listen to GeeJay’s track, Lose My Mind, visit:

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