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In My School Days

Added 739 days ago. 18 October 2019

Things we miss from school in the 50s – and some we don’t!


School makes up a huge part of our childhoods, filled with fond memories, old friends and inspiring teachers. How many of these highlights from our school days do you remember from your childhood?

Warm Milk

School milk was a daily routine most of us loathed! A third of a pint per child was considered a dietary requirement through the 50s and 60s, it was usually warm by the time it got to us…

Singing Together

School assemblies were often focused around hymns and folk songs. Gathered together in a cold school hall, we’d let off steam by shouting verses over the piano. I wonder if today’s school children still know the words to Lord of the Dance?

The Nit Nurse

Visits from the nit nurse were regular, but never looked forward to! One by one, every child in the class would step-up to the school nurse, ready to have their heads examined and their scalps grazed by a fine-toothed comb.

School Dinners

The school canteen was just as memorable as the milk. Minced beef and boiled potatoes were a lunchtime staple, accompanied by a soggy portion of veg. But there was always a queue for afters, usually some sort of
delicious sponge pudding swimming in custard.


The Cane

Discipline was physical back in the 50s, though most of us probably didn’t notice that much – it’s just how it was. Girl or boy, there was no answering the Master back unless you wanted a sharp rap to the knuckles.

Coronation Celebrations

One sure highlight from any child growing up in the 50s was the day of Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. Lessons were called-off, bunting was hung, and tables were pulled together ready to be covered with the tastiest of British treats! Do you still have your Coronation coin?

Would you like to share your best and worst memories from your school days? Get in touch with us on our social media page at

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