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Added 315 days ago. 15 December 2020

With Coronavirus making visiting supermarkets more difficult - we roundup alternative food options for when you can’t go shopping. 

The combination of dark, gloomy Winter weather and Covid-19 has meant that more of us than ever are staying put and ordering online. So, what helpful home food delivery options are out there for when you can’t go shopping?

Choosing a meal delivery service should not mean you have to compromise on convenience. Here are some different options to consider.  

Microwave ready meals

A meal delivery service such as ours provides convenience as well as plenty of variety and nutritional content. All the ingredients are listed on the lids, with traffic light labelling so you know the exact amount of fats, saturates and sugar contained within each ready meal. Our company dietitian is heavily involved with each step of the meal development process, so you can be confident we know our stuff when it comes to nutrition. You can also rest assured that we’re taking all the necessary steps to keep you safe with our meal delivery service in these unsettling times. Have a read of how we’re keeping our customers safe here.     

Fruit and vegetable boxes

These are a popular option and are often packed full of local, seasonal produce – perfect for making a hearty, warming soup or nutrient boosting smoothie. Fruit and veg also freezes well, so you can cook up big batches which will last you for some time. However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal these may not be the perfect choice since you have still got to dedicate some preparation time in the kitchen!  


Maybe one of the more convenient options for a weekend treat, but by no means the healthiest! If you’re looking for an alternative, why not explore our range of Indian & Chinese ready meals instead?


Supermarket deliveries

Ordinarily, ordering food from your local supermarket might be a stress-free experience. During recent times however, demand is at an all-time high, especially for food such as microwave ready meals, meaning securing a delivery slot can be highly challenging. And with the prospect of entering supermarkets still a daunting one, instead choose to stay safe and warm at home by letting us deliver sunshine to your door.

Our service

Our home food delivery service is designed with you in mind, so that your experience with us can be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.  The variety of meals that we provide, especially at this time of year with our extensive Christmas range and delicious winter desserts, means you’ll have everything you need for when you can’t go shopping – all delivered directly to the safety of your door. 

Start ordering online now, or alternatively request a brochure to get you started.

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