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Christmas Poems

Added 1044 days ago. 17 December 2018

We’ve already had some great, Christmas themed entries into our poetry competition and just couldn’t wait to share them with you. 

We’ve put together a small selection of poems we have received so far, which you can read below. 

The Robin 

The robin hopped from branch to branch, his little legs were freezing
His nose was red and sore from continuously sneezing 
He spied an open window, so quickly slipped inside 
And hoped to find a cosy spot where he could safely hide 
He looked around the room which had a warm and cheery glow 
Much nicer than outside, which was cold and deep in snow 
He was totally amazed and jumped up and down with glee 
For standing in the corner was an ornamented tree 
Draped in many sparkling colours: green and blue and red 
So hidden in its branches, he made his tiny bed 
For a while he stayed and enjoyed a welcome rest 
Till came the day he had to go and leave his comfy nest 
The tree enjoyed the robin's company and whispered in his ear 
'Why don't you come and visit us at Christmas time each year?"
The robin was so happy to be accepted as a guest 
He sang a joyful tune, which displayed his bright red chest 
And to this very day you will very often see 
A pretty robin-redbreast on someone's Christmas tree.

By Mrs Joan Hunt

Christmas Repeats

Grandpa says “bah humbug” – about Christmas he doesn’t want to know.
He’s aching and feeling grumpy about the cold and the snow
Grandma’s nose is tipped white with flour from making the mince pie.
Mum says to her sons “I’m worn out with all the preparation you guys”.
Her sons have dragged in the Christmas tree
Saying it’s misshapen and it’s wee.
Her daughter says “well it was the last one there, so don’t blame me”.
All are wondering silently if Christmas is really worth all this fuss.
Grandpa can’t find his pipe and under his breath is starting to cuss.
But as ever Christmas day dawns and after a good night’s rest
The family are all feeling better and are happy now, it has to be confessed.
The oven breathes out its tantalising perfume as Mum opens its door.
Dad says “lets have a little tipple”
And his teenage sons says, with a cheeky grin, “I will pour”
The table looks a real treat, fit for a Queen or King
Then, as lunch is about to be served,
The doorbell gives a jolly ring.
It’s the lady from next door who joins them on this special day.
She joins them just as on the radio White Christmas has started to play.
Their neighbour says “you will never know how much your kind invitation means to me”.
“Well” Mum says, and they all join in 
“It wouldn’t be Christmas without you, you see”.
They all the clinked their glasses
And with one voice said “cheers”.
Grandpa put his arm round Grandma
As her eyes fill with happy unshed tears.
This Christmas as always is worth it and that is very clear.
And guess what? The same thing – God willing – will be the exact same next year.

Norma Young 

A Memory of Christmas Past

Cold, black, harsh days and times were very hard
Not much money in the pot
And scant coal in the yard.
Down to the woods for a Christmas tree
Hoping the game keeper doesn’t see!
Dad got a goose still wearing its feathers
And carried it home in the cruellest of weathers 
Kids go to bed, no sound must be heard
While Mother got busy undressing the bird.
We hung up our stockings, we had no idea
That money in pockets got smaller each year.
But come Christmas morning 
We were filled with delight
Our stockings were full-
What a wonderful sight!
This morning our small fire looked
Warming and glowing 
And outside the house the thick snow
Was still blowing.
My Mum’s happy face as she looked at our pleasure
Is something I will forevermore treasure
When counting my blessings, I thank God above
At the top of the list is my parents love.

D J Cluett

Our poetry competition is open until the 1st February 2018, so if you think you can give these poems a run for their money, enter on our website today >.

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