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Added 628 days ago. 06 February 2020

of the new January 2020 Wiltshire Farm Foods TV Advert. 

We're giving you a sneak peak of what went on behind the scenes and a chance for you to hear from the drivers featuring in the adverts.


Back in October 2019, the Wiltshire Farm Foods team were getting ready to shoot their new 2020 TV adverts.

Three adverts in five days, featuring a full stage crew, four locations, three Wiltshire Farm Foods drivers and a dog named Cheeky.

We spoke to Hannah, Marketing Manager, for an insight on the behind the scenes of the new Wiltshire Farm Foods adverts, giving you a little slice of the magic…

The finished adverts, which went live on the 1st day of the decade, may only be 30-seconds long, but from the initial planning to the final adverts they took about six months to make – and wasn’t it worth it!

Hannah knew from the off, she wanted the adverts to focus on the special relationships our drivers have with our customers, after all, that’s the thing that inspires us and makes us all love what we do.

Over 30 Wiltshire Farm Foods drivers volunteered to take part in the adverts, but in the end Brian, Paul and Nikki were the ones who made their on-screen debuts. For the ‘dog actors’ shortlist, Hannah asked all the dog lovers in the team to pick their favourite.

Cheeky the Terrier made quite an impression on set, even if he didn’t always want to follow directions. For his starring moment, Brian actually had to paint butter on his face so that Cheeky would run out and greet him, instead of dashing out to play in the road!
The ads were filmed in houses in and around the Bristol area, using a local South West crew.

Naturally, the shoots weren’t all without hiccups. Hannah tells us the time of year meant camera equipment had to take cover every now and then to avoid passing showers. Meanwhile a busy road meant poor Nikki’s delivery took over 20 takes!

We were so excited to watch our vision come to life and can’t wait to hear what our customers think – some may even recognise their own driver in the ads!

Introducing the stars of the show

Meet Brian...

Brian’s dad is a Wiltshire Farm Foods customer and has a close friendship with his driver. This inspired Brian to join Wiltshire Farm Foods – when he saw an opening for a delivery driver, Brian jumped at the opportunity to become part of our extended family. He feels very proud to be involved with the adverts and can’t wait to star alongside Cheeky!

Meet Nikki...

Nikki has worked for our Redhill branch for over 6 years. When she heard she’d been chosen for the advert, she danced around the kitchen with her husband! She can’t wait to hear what her friends, family and her customers think when they see her on the television.

Meet Paul...

Paul works for the Wiltshire Farm Foods branch in Loughborough. He really enjoyed his first on-camera experience, but couldn’t believe how much work goes on behind the scenes. He says it’s the longest delivery he’s ever made!

Meet Cheeky, the dog...

Cheeky couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on this project, with the prospect of getting his paws on some delicious Wiltshire Farm Foods dishes. Despite living up to his name occasionally, the shoot otherwise ran smoothly. Cheeky by name, cheeky by nature.

Have you seen the new adverts? They're live on all major TV channels or you can view them at the link below!

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