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A Family Company

Added 1545 days ago. 12 November 2018

Meet Liam, Shaun and Keith, three members of the Newblé family who all work for Wiltshire Farm Foods!


Family-like care is at the heart of all that we do at Wiltshire Farm Foods. We couldn’t achieve this without the people who work for us, and family members Keith, Shaun and Liam Newblé, are proud to be part of our story.

Chef Newblé

Many customers will recognise Chef Liam Newblé who helps to create our dishes. Luckily for us, Liam’s first job as an apprentice Mechanic fell through and he swapped his overalls for Chef’s whites, going back to college to retrain. Liam went on to win Wiltshire Farm Foods’ Chef of the Year competition.

“A lot of thinking goes into the dishes which make it into our brochure,” says Liam. “I look at food trends and ideas, we work closely with our Nutritionists and we have an online panel of customers who give us feedback on ideas."

“Once we have this feedback, we create the dishes and then take them to our customer tasting panel. Meeting customers is the best bit – it’s always exciting as we don’t know what they will say, and they always surprise us.

“Although my brother and I have worked together for quite a while, my dad only recently joined Wiltshire Farm Foods as a Driver. “It’s fantastic as he’s always telling me what customers say about the meals I have created. I’m always getting excellent feedback which I take on board to help shape the new dishes that we create.”

The I.T. Guy

Many brothers look up to their older sibling, and Shaun Newblé certainly did so when he followed in Liam’s footsteps by joining Wiltshire Farm Foods.

He spent seven years as part of the team which evaluates the nutritional value of meals and earlier this year joined the I.T. department, due to his love of computers.

“I work as an I.T. service desk analyst, supporting Wiltshire Farm Foods teams around the UK,” says Shaun.

“We ensure everything works smoothly and securely to take customers’ orders. Wiltshire Farm Foods is a great place to work and they have been incredibly supportive.

“I love my role and Dad’s job as a Wiltshire Farm Foods Driver is quite new too – we talk a lot about work when we’re all together. I’m really proud of what we do at Wiltshire Farm Foods and it’s great to hear feedback from my dad that customers value us.

“Liam is passionate about making his dishes as tasty as possible and one of the perks of the job is trying some of the dishes that he creates – as his brother, I’m brutally honest and tell him what I think, but I have to admit they are really good.”

In The Driving Seat

After 40 years on the road working as a Lorry Driver, Liam and Shaun’s father, Keith, was ready for a change so when a Driver job at Wiltshire Farm Foods Trowbridge came up this summer, he jumped at the chance to join the company that his sons love working for.

He now works full-time, helping to prepare orders when he’s not out on his deliveries. “The Trowbridge team are an amazing group of people,” says Keith, “and I quickly realised how many people – now they have Wiltshire Farm Foods – wouldn’t want to go back.

“I enjoy delivering to so many fantastic people and hearing about the different aspects of their lives. It’s incredibly interesting and sometimes I have to tear myself away as I could listen to their stories for hours!

“I also love hearing customers’ feedback and I share this with Liam as I think it’s important that he knows what people think about the dishes that he creates for them.

“When I think about Wiltshire Farm Foods, for me, it’s the high quality of our food which stands out most. I’ve tried many of the meals myself and our new Hearty Meals are so satisfying, I know that if they fill me up, they are perfect for anyone with an appetite for good food! I’m proud of the part our family plays in the Wiltshire Farm Foods story.”

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