Nationwide UK company delivering freshly frozen ready meals direct to your door. Over 250 nutritious Frozen Meals including gluten free food, diabetic desserts & low fat meals. We offer more then just meals on wheels; we deliver freshly frozen food across the whole of the UK..
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Meal portion sizes

We understand that your appetite might change from day to day. Sometimes you fancy something light, other days you might want a big meal with all the trimmings. 

That's why our meals come in three different sizes. Whatever your appetite, we have a portion to suit you - from our regular main dishes, to our mini-meals and hearty portions - there really is something for everyone's tastes.

Every meal we create comes as a single serving, and we've created the following guide to give you an idea as to how large the servings are:

Main Meals

Our standard size meals are ideal for every day of the week (275g - 465g).


Mini Meals

A smaller meal, a great option for when you're after lighter meal or a snack (180g - 220g).


Hearty Meals

These larger meals are perfect for when you fancy that bit more to eat (500g - 565g).


As you look through the range of over 260 meals online, you'll see these icons on each individual product, making it easy to decide which meals are best for you.

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