Nationwide UK company delivering freshly frozen ready meals direct to your door. Over 250 nutritious Frozen Meals including gluten free food, diabetic desserts & low fat meals. We offer more then just meals on wheels; we deliver freshly frozen food across the whole of the UK..
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Our friendly drivers hand-deliver your meals for FREE, straight to your door.

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Milk-Free Meals - Hand-Delivered To Your Home

If you have an intolerance to milk or milk products such as casein or lactose, here at Wiltshire Farm Foods, we have a full range of meals that are free from milk and milk derivatives meaning you can enjoy every dish with complete peace of mind.

All the information you need to make sure you choose the right meals can be found in the "Dietary Information" of each meal (see example below):


It's easy to find dishes to suit your diet, simply use our Diet Search tool to find meals that are right for you.


If you're thinking of starting a milk-free diet, please ensure you speak to a medical professional, as restricting any food types from your diet can cause nutritional imbalances.


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