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Dysphagia Diets

We understand that finding tasty, nutritious and visually-appealing puréed, pre-mashed and fork mashable meals can be difficult, which is why our range offers a delicious variety of sweet and savoury dishes to really meet your needs.

You’ll be pleased to know we have listened to your feedback and changed the name of our soft range to pre-mashed. This is to reflect the language used by Healthcare Professionals. Please rest assured that we haven’t changed any of our recipes or textures of our meals.

The range available through Wiltshire Farm Foods is split into three categories:

Category C - Pureéd Meals and Desserts

At Wiltshire Farm Foods we know that food needs to look good as well as taste good, so our Category C meals have a thick puréed texture that retains its shape after it has been cooked.

We have specialist kitchen equipment which allows us to purée some more difficult foods which can often be off the menu if you need a Category C meal. So, you can still enjoy classic favourites such as cottage pie and peas.

View the puréed meals range

Category D - Pre-Mashed Meals

Our chefs have been busy creating a tasty selection of classic dishes suitable for those requiring a Category D pre-mashed meal, and have gone to great lengths to bring out the flavour of each ingredient.

View the pre-mashed meals range

Category E - Fork Mashable Meals

We’ve got lots of delicious meals on offer with smaller bites and softer textures, from Beef Hotpot to Salmon Supreme.

View the fork-mashable meals range

To view our Dysphagia Diets Brochure simply click here

You can find out more about dysphagia and our range of dysphagia-friendly options by clicking here

Please ensure you consult your healthcare professional before starting a new diet.


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